Conception map:

My name is Balazs Vanyi, I am a painter.

I was born in Budapest in 1941.

I mostly paint still lifes in oils in classical naturalist style. In my paintings there are objects, flowers and fruits..
The great Flemish painters are my masters.
I have benn noticed in "ART PRICE INDICATOR 98" catalogue as VANYI BLAISE.

Exhibitions: Budapest, Frankfurt, Munich, Birmingham, Honfleur, Lyon.

I introduce some of my paintings below.
All of them are made in oils on wooden base..

24x30 cm

Jug with apples
34x41 cm

Green bottle with four apples
42,5x50 cm

Flower-pot with butterfly
18x24 cm

Still life with blue
24x30 cm

A bowl with plums
24x30 cm

Teaset in Meissen style
35x40 cm

Still life with garilc
48x42 cm

A bowl with fruits
24x30 cm

I only accept limited orders.

Mobile: 06 70 776 7389
Telephone: 709 5524